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Enterprise Mold occupies a 13,000 square foot facility housing a work staff of up to 40 skilled trades personnel.

We try to provide our employee's with a clean healthy enviornment and the proper tools to do the proper job as they are the backbone of the company.

With our experienced staff and the latest in machine and computer technology we can meet the needs of our customers with on-time quality workmanship.
WorkNC Our Cad Cam department uses the latest in hardware and software technology. Engineering receives customer data and we quickly produce accurate, precise designs and surface data using Cadkey products. Once designs and surface data have been checked and approved, information is then sent to our CNC department where cutter paths are generated using WorkNC software.Once completed the data is sent directly to the machine. Cadkey

From CNC boring mills to a fully equipped EDM department, along with the Finishing room, spotting presses and Quality control,we can confidently assure our customers a quality built tool.
We strive for excellence, we meet customers expected time requirements and we always do it for a fair competitive price.
Tos Boring mill Spotting press
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